Trying too hard is choosing fashion trends that are transient in nature and clearly impractical.

Wearing: Topshop Sweatshirt . Banana Republic Blouse . H&M Skirt . Stuart Weitman Sneakers . Jacquemus Bracelet
Jacquemus Le Chiquito Mini Bag
Image Credit: Moda Operandi

I love Jacquemus but I am unable to wrap my head around its ‘Le Chiquito’ mini bag that debuted during its Fall/Winter 2019 runway show. When I am not a live Barbie doll!!! What exactly is fashionable about this purse? It looks unreasonable to me. Don’t even get me started on the $500 price tag. A case of an impractical splurge. What can you fit in that purse that looks like a doll’s wearable? The other day, someone mentioned to me that this nano sized purse is the best fashion item she had ever bought. Sounded unreal to me. I love trends but would only follow if it makes sense and I can definitely find a practical use for it. For instance, I am not a fan of belt bags but I ended up buying this Zara leather belt with coin pockets (here). To free my hands while shopping at the mall, I thought the leather belt would go well with my many oversized outerwear especially this Zara teddy coat (here).

If you need this chiquito bag to make a little sense to people that are not familiar with it, I will advice you wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. All thanks to the savvy stylist that thought to do this but I can’t get my mind off the outrageous price tag.

Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 Runway

Okay, Fendi! What is up with that coin purse around this model’s ankle? Not sure if I want my man walking around town in a footwear that looks like an ankle monitor.






This Jacquemus Le Sac leather bracelet would be the perfect accessory for my Gold Souk runs in Dubai. So I thought. Boy, was I wrong. The only thing I could fit in it was a few dental floss that kept dropping out of it to the floor of the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai. I couldn’t even fit a credit card in it. Thank goodness it was not a total fail. I love leather bracelets with a wide straps. This reason only makes owning this almost a failed buy a practical trend for me. Also bought in December during the holiday sales for half the price.