Music inspires me to create.

A.W.A.K.E. Mode top .
Gucci boot .
Saint Laurent trouser .
Benedetta Bruzziches bag .
Helmut Lang coat

When music inspires…

On repeat tonight is UB40 – The Best of UB40 on Youtube.

As usual, before catching on to the lyrics of a song I hear the music first. Might be a bad thing but that is how I enjoy my music especially since this is a sad song and I did not realize it until I was done creating the moodboard.

UB40’s version of ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ was on repeat for more than 10 times when an image of a lady wearing the Helmut Lang coat flashed in my head. So I thought what would she be wearing underneath the coat as she goes for a walk in the cold listening to UB40. That dramatic fuzzy coat is plush and heavenly!

Helmut Lang Fall 2019 Look 9
Image Credit: Paolo Lanzi/

I think the song had been on repeat for more than 50 times now. That reggae tone is so sweet. Time to hit the bed, lol!

Good night!!!