Appreciate the gravity, the crows feet, sun spots and even acne scars you see in the mirror because it’s proof that you’ve lived.”

Coco & Cyd,
Image Credit: Allure

Angela Basset, 61 is one woman that has made me to appreciate the grays on my head and that one or two wrinkle lines across my forehead. While others take pleasure in dying their gray strands, I have made a vow to myself that my kinky strands would never see its gray go black. I want them growing on my head glittering not looking dull.

There must have been a magical spell that got realized in the air the moment I turned 40 which was almost four years ago. It was as if I got baptized with a sunny disposition that makes me to appreciate myself, my journey and life more. My mental attitude changed and I began to feel more beautiful and happy. I began to grow fond of my gray, appreciate my afro that refuses to grow past its mushroom level, yearn to spend time with my equally forty something friends, and admire the little weight I have put on in the right and also the wrong places but thank God for that 21 days fast which assisted with the weight gained in the wrong area. LOL!

Angela Basset has always been the yardstick of what I would want to look like when I get to that age. Then I saw this beautiful shot of Kathy Jacobs, 55 who is one of the 6 finalists of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model search for its 2020 annual issue and I thought, “Wow! what a beautiful woman with a smile worth a million bucks. Pssh! I wanna look like when I’m getting close to 60.” That smile stamps her body gorgeous.

Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

How cool is your grandma? This image of Benedetta Barzini for the Gucci’s cruise 2020 ad campaign is so breathtaking. Gucci Mane’s feature in that campaign got more attention than any of the other celebrity that featured in the #comeasyouare _RSVP party bus but Benedetta is the one that got my vote. She is the embodiment of beauty, class and grace. She makes aging looks fabulous and fun. Look at that smile on her wrinkled face. Her presence in this campaign speaks truth to the phrase ‘Gucci is a party and everyone is invited.’ I really want a Gucci now but what I want more to look and dress like this when I become that old. Ummmh! Fashion is really a medicine for my body and soul!

Image Credit: Gucci