Paint a picture of a vibrant island life with blues and greens. No sunscreen required!

Wearing: Windsor Sweater . Custom made Skirt . Banana Republic Shirt . J Crew Earrings

Someone asked me, “Do blue and green go together?”

I responded, “What is the color of the lagoon? What color does the sea turn with algae?” Bottom line, even nature approved of the combination.

Most of the time we go for the safe option of pairing everything with just black. Blue and green are complimentary colors which makes their pairing very simple and elementary anyway. You just need to play around with different shades of blues and greens. Adding a bit of a color to an outfit can change everything about it. I love the soft blue of this Windsor tie front sweater and the vibrant green of the custom made lace skirt I am wearing. Added the white button down shirt just for layering purposes and it works out. For a subtle look, wear sky blue and green. For a deep and warm look, navy blue paired with this skirt would be my choice.