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My name is Temitayo ‘Sade’ Lewis. I’m a personal stylist, an ardent fashion lover, and a magazine addict. Married and a mother to a girl and two boys.

Why start a blog? You may ask. Yeah! I know. Too many bloggers on the internet. Why not? If you meet me in person the question you will ask is why did I not start a blog earlier than I did. I have a bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a masters in Project Management. Unless I tell people these, everyone just assume I have a degree in something that is fashion related.

Over the years, my personal style had been greatly influenced by paying close attention to the fashion industry. As a tween and then a teenager in a Nigerian boarding school, I hardly followed the school’s uniform rules. I dressed with flair just to be a little different. When asked to add a button I opted for a hook and eye. Zipper on the back, mine was on the side. The most interesting piece I had and fancied was the thin extra-long belt I wore over my above-the- knee, no-pleats form fitted brown/light brown instead of brown/white gingham housewear. My style was a cry away from the suggested four panel pleats, full skirt skirt or dress the school recommended. Rather than tie the belt to the back, mine was tied to the front and a good four inches past the hemlines. Those were the beginning of my journey into the world of fashion until I introduced myself to my very first copy of a Vogue Magazine I saw on the shelf of CVS Pharmacy upon arriving in the US.  Flipping through the glossy pages of Instyle, Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Essence, Lucky, and W Magazines, my fashion sense has evolved a great deal.

Based on discussions with people, I have noticed that a lot of people are not exposed to the wealth of fashion information that is out there and many innocently do not know how to dress themselves and would welcome any help that would guide them.  Hence, the birth of So Modishly Chic (SMC).

So Modishly Chic is my fashion arena. It is my place of comfort. A medium that I use to display and share my style, lifestyle and fashion and beauty finds or news.

The purpose of So Modishly Chic (SMC) is to inform, educate, and influence your fashion sense. It does not matter if your style is edgy, modern classic, trendy fashionista, or undecided, SMC will provide you with style, fashion and beauty news, and advice and tips to keep you fashionably current from season to season.

Style, fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspirations at your fingertips.



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