My Style

Personal style is about a sense of yourself, a sense of what you believe in and wearing what you like. It is easier to follow fashion than it is to follow personal style. Fashion fades but style is eternal. Personal Style is not something that is just in the air, it is something you have and that you apply to yourself. It is accepting who you are.

As far as my personal style goes, there are no rules. My style can be sophisticated edgy today and conservative or tomboyish tomorrow. I wear a lot of black and navy and it’s what I feel most comfortable in even though fashion muses have introduced me to colors.

Mismatched Pair

Fashion, My Style

These mismatched earrings were added to my wardrobe by default. Definitely a case of buying without reading the description. I had done that in the past and ended up with one earring instead of a pair. Had I known that…

Velvet Belt

Fashion, My Style

The outfit is a reflection of my mood. Pretty happy, comfortable, and sophisticated. The impact of the velvet belt (from Walmart) made a lot of difference. Texture, on point!

In a Star Spangled Mood

Fashion, My Style

Wearing this Lirika Matoshi sheer tulle anklet socks embellished with sparkly glass stones every day would make you want to wish upon a star too. They are so pretty. The socks puts you in that Cinderella glass slippers kind of mood.