May Objects of Desire

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“Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.” ― Dan Brown 10 Things I would like to have for May Don’t really care if it’s warm outside, my love for sweatshirts…

Spring Dresses, Please!


Glad the weather has finally arrived at a point where I can comfortably pull out my Spring/Summer dresses either stored away to create room for winter wears or just bought off the rack. I am loving this season’s tailored, ruffled…

Mismatched Pair

Fashion, My Style

These mismatched earrings were added to my wardrobe by default. Definitely a case of buying without reading the description. I had done that in the past and ended up with one earring instead of a pair. Had I known that…

Velvet Belt

Fashion, My Style

The outfit is a reflection of my mood. Pretty happy, comfortable, and sophisticated. The impact of the velvet belt (from Walmart) made a lot of difference. Texture, on point!