November Objects of Desire


Wish list for the month of November. A girl has got to indulge herself with beautiful things, right? Featured Items 1. Earrings 2. Book 3. Skirt 4. Bag 5. Bracelet 6. Sweatshirt Thanks for visiting! Sade Lewis

Objects of Desire


The Sweater Weather


The cold weather is beginning to creep in. Time to bring out the sweaters you packed up to give your closet some space for summer pieces. Did you get rid of old sweaters like I did? It is time to…

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December Objects of Desire

Indulgence comes in all varieties. For this December why not indulge in all things that are wardrobe essentials: a fun sweatshirt with a catchy phrase, a clean line and modest loafer embellished with tassels and dark floral art, a simple...

Color Inspiration - How to Wear Marina

Marina is one Pantone’s top 10 color for fall. It is a cool color that is fresh and calming. What better way to wear the color other than to pair it with the yummy, toasty and snugly Butterum. Add a...

Should I Buy That?

I am sure you have heard or read it from so many sources to refrain from buying on impulse or buying what you need and not what you want. So have I. But as usual I have ignored those advises...

The Modernist Aesthetic

About a month ago, I blogged about this neck-piece but in a longer version and different color (see here). Some of the comments it generated on So Modishly Chic Facebook page were nothing short of hilarious. Apparently, I have some clumsy...