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“Individuality is the key to a knockout look. Identify your personality, carve out your style and have fun experimenting because great style is style that is truly yours.”

Objects of Desire

French Nouveau – The Carefree Edges French


The classic French Manicure has produced spinoffs like the french pedicure, the colored or funky/designed pedicure or manicure and the reverse french manicure. Can we add Carefree Edges French to the list of spinoffs? A typical manicure is clean and precise which means…

Misplaced Priorities I say

Random Rants

What is the matter? Am I missing something here? I eagerly scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed to figure out what it was that had got almost everyone all wired up and I still could not tell what in God’s name…

4 Cute Ways to Cinch Your Waist this Fall


To spice up your fall outfits make your waist the center of attention.  For an effortless look, cinch with elegance and sophistication by emulating the following runway looks. Over Coats If your dry cleaner misplaced the belt to your oversize…

Old + New

My Style

OMG! I am so not in a good mood right now.  I think I need to find someone who will take major pleasure in uploading my pictures.  I have spent more than two hours uploading these unedited images which in…

November’s Lust List


1. Yanny London Top 2. Marc Jacobs Watch 3. Iris and Ink Belt 4. Eleven Paris Sweater 5. House of Fraser Skirt 6. Cuff-Daddy Cufflinks 7. Frye Boots 8. Michael Kors Sneaker 9. Michael Kors Pump

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Oh Baby it's Cold Outside

Instyle Beauty Editors' Pick: 2018 Best-Dressed Fragrances

Bringing the report to you from the pages of Instyle Magazine. It is as if the editor at Instyle Magazine read my mind this morning. The empty bottle of Valentino on my dresser needs a replacement to accompany the Marc...