Banana Republic

Animal Print

Fashion, My Style

When I initially decided to wear the crewneck sweater with this animal print skirt, my intention was not to add a belt. I just wanted a simple Sunday look. After looking in the mirror, the outfit looked like it needed…

A Random Velvet Bow

Fashion, My Style

What a sharp, sleek, cozy and warm blazer!  What do I not love about this J.Crew blazer? It has a touch of everything from trend to fit to fabric quality to tailoring. This feminine and fitted piece not only look…

A Wrap Dress over Pant

Fashion, My Style

Fashion is meant to be fun therefore, a dress over a pant as a work wear was a no-brainer. Working in an environment that does not require a dress code encouraged my habitual act of mixing casual and business formal….

White and Layered


Does anyone really pay attention to all the rules out there concerning when or when not to wear white? There are so many cute white outfits out there and this one is no exception. So why wouldn’t I want to…

Should I Buy That?

Fashion, My Style

I am sure you have heard or read it from so many sources to refrain from buying on impulse or buying what you need and not what you want. So have I. But as usual I have ignored those advises…