Splatter Paint

Fashion, My Style

A new look for the blog. Hope you guys like it. So my blog crashed most of October and I was not able to do any form of blogging. Instead I was busy chasing around developers and sitting up all…

Hottie and Lord Floral Dress


Christol Balenciaga spoke the truth when he expressed that “a woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear his dresses”.  This was exactly how I felt when I tried this dress on and saw the reflection…

Pink Yarrow + Burgundy


Happy Friday! Still on the Pink Yarrow matter. If you have been paying attention to the ‘Currently Loving’ section of this blog you would have noticed this cute soft pink blouse which was added to that collection about a month…

A Cold Shoulder

Fashion, My Style

About a year and half ago, I wore an ankara midi dress that was barely off my shoulder blade to church. (Note: I do not like off the shoulder clothes and I was not about to throw a nice dress…