3 SMC Ways to Style a Jogger Pant

I love mixing casual with formal.  My formal or casual piece in an ensemble can be represented in my clothing, shoes or accessories (especially cocktail rings).  If you find me wearing a formal gown don’t be surprised if my shoe of choice is a converse.

One of the favorite casual to wear is a jogger pant. For winter, here are three different ways I would style the Grey Topshop Jogger Pant used in all the sets presented below.

Look 1

Pair the jogger pant with a white crisp collarless shirt and turtleneck sweater.  Add a long silk scarf under the sweater but make sure it peeks out to create the illusion of another tier. An elegant cape coat or vest streamlines the whole look.
Winter Fashion

Look 2

For sleekness, layer with a chunky knit sweater and a silk scarf. Add a patterned tight and low booties for a touch of sexiness.

Look 3

The peplum shirt and cropped vest gives the look a visually interesting and unexpected look. Take a cue from the runway and tie a long thin scarf in a bow and let it hang under the vest. The sneaker boot keeps the look sporty yet classy.

Winter Fashion

Vest || Shirt || Pant || Ring || Mug || Watch || Bag || Scarf || Sneakers

Look 3 is my favorite. Which is yours? How will you style your jogger pant?

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  • Rashidat

    Oh my, really like all 3 looks, feeling #3 the most and toping it with mi Skatz 😉
    I truly never would have thought of dressing up a pair of sweat pants beyond using them for exercise.
    Thanks, your royal chicness. Permission to share 😉

    • Sade Lewis

      Yes, add a Skatz Satin Lined Beanie for warmth and extra chicness.

      Share away!

  • Wumi

    Look 3 is my favourite, but instead of wearing boots, i’ll wear brogues.

    • Sade Lewis

      I love look three as well. I agree! Brogues would have been a nicer choice. Didn’t even cross my mind or mind was just on a sneaker since I’m a sneaker girl. I was thinking about the cold weather here. LOL!Thanks for your constant support. Mucho Gracias! Have a great weekend.

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