40% off at Banana Republic

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1. Wildflower Y Necklace || 2. Dillon-Fit Print Shirt || 3. Feather Pave Ring || 4. Blue Italian Suede Accordion Bag || 5. Plaid Vee Midi Dress|| 6. Floral Pintuck Dress || 7. Sea Life Coral Double Ring || 8. Owl Brooch || 9. Avery-Fit Floral Crop

My favorite store is having a 40% sales today.  The Code is BRTAKE40. The offer is valid till 5/30/2016.

I am so glad I waited one more day before buying that floral necklace I plan on taking with me on my Mexico trip in a few days.

These are a few items I have my eyes on.  Which one(s) is/are yours?


  • Moji

    Shop till I drop right?
    Enjoy Mexico
    This is good. Thanks for sharing.
    Mojisola @ http://www.mojintouch.com

    • Sade Lewis

      Yes, shop till you drop.

      Thanks! I hope I don’t sleep throughout the trip. I am so sleep deprived at the moment and all I can think about is hitting the hotel bed. LOL!

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