Denim on Denim

Outfit detail

Row 1 – Shirt || Jeans || Shoes || Bag

Row 2 (Plus Size) – Shirt || Jeans || Shoes || Bag

I am a magazine hoarder. I collect magazine pages, tuck them in sheet protectors and file them away in binders. I have been doing this since 1993. Do I need an intervention? Maybe, LOL! Just one of my many hobbies.

On Sunday, while tidying up my office and filing pages away in binders, I came across a few pages of Instyle Magazine’s August 2009 issue that basically reported fashion rules that could be broken. Denim on denim was one of them. I never knew it was a fashion no no.

Rule # 11 – You cannot wear denim on denim. Says who? Thank goodness that is no longer a rule. Who comes up with this stuff anyway?

Denim on denim is a fabulous look. The new rule is to pair contrasting denims. Go with a chambray shirt and an indigo jeans. I have seen people in dark top and jeans and I have to say it does look off especially on men.

For fall/winter, pair your chambray shirt and skinny indigo jeans with an ankle wrap shoes and a studded bag. If you decided to wear an ankle wrap shoe, be ready to roll up your jeans. Add a pair of pantyhose to keep the feet warm. For a sexy flair, personally I will go with a lace tight.

How about creating a jumpsuit illusion by wearing a dark top and bottom? Something to experiment.


  • BOSE

    Yayy!! Plus size for me…lol

    • Sade Lewis

      Finally! Yeah! I will definitely feature on plus sizes in upcoming weeks. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Elizabeth

    Bamboo Amuse Ankle Wrap Pump looks nice. I’ll definitely get it.

    • Sade Lewis

      It’s a really chic and affordable feet candy. Let me know how if fits when you finally get it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Elizabeth

    That Miu Miu shoe is lit, but…

    • Sade Lewis

      Yes. It is one of my lust after item. To complete your sentence…but pricey, right. LOL!

  • blaqlotus7

    Denim on Denim was once a faux pas.. But now, if you haven’t rocked it, you’re not one of the cool people.

    • Sade Lewis

      I didn’t even know it was a faux pas. Or should I say I didn’t remember since a magazine page I had held unto since 2009 said it and I am 100% sure I read it. LOL!

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