I fell in love with Ugg boots when a classmate in college suggested that I try on her pair.  They were so cozy, fluffy and warm. I knew I had to get a pair. A pair later became three tall pairs.

I have never purchased the bestselling Bailey Bow version. To me, they look too short to keep my legs warm. Although they look good with skinny jeans. I just recently changed my mind about the Bailey Bow when I came across a version that allows you to customize your own. I could create my Bailey Bow version using my favorite colors: Navy (boot) and Marsala (top and bottom bow).  I also love the sand boot color with red/white gingham top bow and red bottom bow.  There are quite a few other options to explore on Uggaustralia.com.

My belief is that every woman should own a pair of Ugg boots. During winter time, I wear mine around the house everyday. I sometimes wear them to bed. LOL! That gets on my mom’s nerve. “Who wears shoes to bed?” she would ask.

The sheepskin keeps the feet cozy and dry. Pricey but worth it if your toes freezes every time you step out of the house.  For someone who does not like leaving the house during the cold periods, the Ugg boots gives me a boost very much-needed to step out in to the cold.

Though pricey, for me it’s worth the splurge!

If you are looking to give someone a special gift, you should consider the customized Ugg Bailey Bow.  Custom orders takes about 3-5 weeks to create and deliver. Hey, valentine is around the corner anyway.  Plus if you still owe that special lady a Christmas gift, here is an item to consider.

Thanks for stopping by once again. Greatly appreciated!

XOXO (in Kristen Bell’s voice) Gosh! I miss Gossip Girls.