Margaret Zhang, writer, stylist, photographer, creative director and a model is the brain behind SHINE BY THREE. Shine by Three is a fashion and lifestyle blog she created in 2009 when she was just 16 years old. According to Margaret, she created the blog to I discovered Margaret Zhang’s blog about two weeks ago while surfing the net.  The moment I entered the blog I was in awe. Her blog is very simple and her style is very focused.  She is the modern lady sophisticate! It appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. Margaret is a fabulous writer. I love how she plays with words in her write-ups.  She is very fashionable and I admire her sense of layering. Who wears two trenches and a leather jacket in one look? Margaret Zhang! That’s who. No wonder she is Australia’s fashion icon and her expertise sought-after whether as a stylist or a photographer by powerful fashion houses such Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Thakoon, e.t.c.  She is such as inspiration.


“I think I dress like a boy. (Laughs) My style is quite eclectic, I feel. I mean, there’s always just that masculine/feminine edge. Like, if I’m wearing, you know, a blazer, maybe there’s like some lace element to make it a little more feminine.” Margaret Zhang, ABC News

“Margaret’s style is like no other. She very much looks to create architectural shapes with what she puts together and I think that she has an art about layering clothing that many people are inspired by. I know I, for one, have often looked through her Instagram feed to try to get ideas on how exactly to layer pieces and jewellery and all of that.” Emily Weight, Head of Fashion, IMG


Fashion Tip #1 from Margaret

How to create your own personal style? First consider your body shape, and what you feel the most comfortable in. Then expand into colours, textures, and prints from there.


Fashion Tip #2 from Margaret

Top five clothing items to make one appear taller. 1) High-waisted, wide-legged trousers; 2) Floaty maxi dresses; 3) Midi skirts; 4) Tapered trousers witha skirt over the top; 5) Long jumpsuits. It’s basically anything that disguises where your hips and knees start to create the illusion of being taller.


Her words on achieving goals

“Age is no inhibition to your dreams or your goals. Society tells you that as a young person that you need to like intern, and you can’t really do your own thing, that you need to be in a degree. It doesn’t need to be that way. I think that there’s really no better time than now to just start your own thing.”

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