Is the sun going to come out this week and get rid of all the wetness?

Last week was beautiful! A few sunny days and I was happy to throw my jacket on my arm rather than wear it as I exited my building after work. This week had brought nothing but wet and damp days. Not my kinda days except if I’m in my house drinking coffee and blogging or watching a movie. The sun shone for 2 seconds this afternoon and disappeared. I know Spring is around the corner and has not officially started. But dang, I will like a little warmth and some sunshine.

At least this weather gives me the opportunity to showcase this beautiful leather dress. Instead of a statement necklace, for a trending touch I opted for this 3.1 Philip Lim thin scarf I bought about three or four years ago. Booties added for an edgy look. Rock and Roll Babe!!!

Banana Republic Leather Dress

Banana Republic Shirt (bought in store)

3.1 Philip Lim Scarf

Sam Edelman Booties

Thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis