Boy, was it windy and chilly yesterday when I took these pictures. Thank God I was able to at least get a few manageable images of this inexpensive dress before I called it quits and ran back to the car.  Abeg, I no wan fall and catch cold on top (Please, I do not want to fall and catch a cold). I keep forgetting it’s just Spring and not Summer yet. I’m always surprised it’s cold outside. LOL! Summer, where art thou?

This Navy Faille Shantung Cutout Dress was purchased from last year. I was a little bit skeptical as usual but not as much as I was when I placed my first order with the company because that order was not a disappointment. But I was a nervous wreck when that order arrived. I took a risk and ordered three items. I remember opening the box and removing one of the twenty dollars skirt from it. The first thing I did was to check the tailoring. Though not a Bottega Venetta workmanship but it could compare to a Banana Republic’s. Mind you, Banana Republic’s tailoring is really, really good! It was not bad at all. I tried it on and it fitted wrongly. I had pleats sticking out in front and pushing in from the back. The pleats seemed off and would not sit right so I began to whine. Jonathan, came in the room, told me to calm down, took the skirt from me and ironed it. I guess that was the needed solution but since my mind was set on finding a problem with the skirt, I couldn’t think straight enough to figure that out.

When ordering from stores like Sheinside, you have to know your fabric to be able to order right. I will say do not waste your time on cotton products from such stores except if you do not have any intention of buying clothing that will last a reasonable amount of time.

This dress was a bit loose around the bodice and tight around the waist. I took it to a cleaner who charged almost double the cost of the dress for alteration. It was worth it! It’s a really nice dress.  I love the cutout detail and the length is just perfect. You might not need to adjust the bodice if you are a bit fuller in the upper area.

To keep the look modish, I paired the risque dress with a white oxford shirt. The shirt is buttoned all the way to the neck to keep all openings to just the dress.  To easily transition this dress to summer, wear a camisole underneath or a cropped to show a little skin. I would not recommend wearing it in a not So Modishly Chic way, LOL!


Navy Faille Cutout Dress (sold out at sheinside, cheaper at Romwe)

Banana Republic Shirt

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