I bought these Stuart Weitzman heels few years ago to wear to a wedding.  Of course the heels fit perfectly when I left the store with them. I had absolutely no complaint because they fit snugly throughout the event. Few hours on the dance floor was amazing because they were so comfortable and I had no reason to take them off at all. Thank goodness for the block-heels, they gave me the most amazing balance I needed. ♫ All night long, all night…♫

Anyway, fast forward to last year, I caught a glimpse of a white box sitting in a corner looking abandoned. The box had collected dust for more than a year. I did not recognize the box and thought maybe someone had left their shoes in my house during a sleepover.  I proceeded to open the box and there it was, my good shoes.  The next day, I decided to wear them to work. I climbed down the stairs of my crib with ease, walked to my car feeling sexy, drove to work with my feet candy on, and stepped out of the car feeling cute. Few steps away from my building, I felt something slip off my foot. What? Did my shoe just try to slip off my foot? I kept walking and it happened again.  Oh, boy!

I had no choice but to held on tight to the shoes using my feet as I walk to my office. Ladies, you know that feeling, right? Few hours later, I became irritated because I chose to wear a shoe that decided to pretend like it was an open back heels. Nonsense!

I had to come up with a solution fast. I looked inside my bag and found a roll of ribbon (Ribbon: is my go to fix for everything so I take a roll with me everywhere). I cut it into two equal parts and tied it around the shoe and my ankle. To prevent the satin like ribbon from sliding of the bottom of my heels, I used a scotch tape to hold the ribbon to the bottom of my heels. Problem solved.

That was how I prevented a good shoe from becoming another collector’s item in my closet. The shoes are now a 2-in-1 item.

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Banana Republic Peplum Top

Express Skirt

Stuart Weitzman Heels

Nordstrom Belt

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