Hello Guys! I was supposed to work on this post yesterday but decided it would be better to spend that time making a nice baked fish stew for the family.  For dinner, I made some Pounded Yam (Iyan) and Okra to accompany the stew. I do not need to go into detail about the incidents that followed after I was done eating. Let’s just say it was around 9 pm when I finished eating and 3:30 am when I glanced at the clock again. What happened? Iyan (pounded Yam) happened! LMBO! Sorry, some of us can afford to eat that late. It stores nowhere but my blog suffered so here I am today.  I really need to be consistent.

I have been working hard at familiarizing myself with African designers/brands.  Like Vogue, NYMag or Elle, I wish there is a website that have “all” the designers/brands listed with their runway shows or images of their collections for each season. Not 2 or 3 but at least 90 percent of the designers in Africa. It will be delightful to have access to this so I could know what is going on in the fashion industry on that side of the world. Nigerian magazines should consider adding a page to their website that features runway shows and collections.  All I see are Selena Gomez this and Rihanna that, John Legend did this, Barack Obama is the bomb…abeg (please) use that page for happenings in the Nigerian fashion world. What concerns you with Rihanna?  Leave that to Linda Ikeji.  Abeg, wetin (what) Patience Goodluck dey wear now? LMBO! Maybe not Patience but you get the gist.

Thanks to Instagram, I have been able to find quite a few Nigerian designers I have never heard of such as Grey. I found this beautiful piece on Instagram while jumping from one person’s page to another.  The dress was sold out but they were able to make one for me within a short period of time. I was invited to a wedding that was at a beautiful resort in Cancun, Mexico and this is what I wore. What a beautiful dress? I thought it will never come off the hanger.

Grey SS16 Zaynab Jacquard Dress
Oscar Tiye Heels
Banana Republic Brooch

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Sade Lewis