I am very sure you have heard me talk about how 100% unplanned my Sunday outfits normally are. Well, this look is no different. I am usually thinking of what to wear as I apply my makeup. Majority of the time I just have to throw something on because time refused to wait for me. The black dress was the first choice so I had to build my entire outfit around it. The satin blouse which I have probably owned for more than a decade was the layering choice rather than a turtleneck. I would have loved a turtleneck but I doubt it will complement the neckline of the dress. I will have to give the turtleneck pairing a try eventually some day. I wore the heels and for some reason I thought a belt would complete the look. I suffer a lot in the belt department. I usually do not have the right ones that I needed and hardly go shopping for any despite my love for them. Then this random ankara belt that was sent to me by mistake by seamstress in Nigeria caught my eyes. So I thought, why not break my all black outfit with this colorful piece I felt I had no use of. But see how it worked out. Beautiful, right? It added a lively and interesting touch to the entire look.

If you have been wondering what to do with those ankara belts that are just hanging in your closet or simply occupying space in your drawer, think about using them to break your monotone outfits.

Here are 4 other styling tips to consider 

1. As you can see, mine is tied as a bow in the back. Another option is to wrap it around your waist and close the loop with a brooch.
2. For a non monotone pairing, choose two outfit items that represents two colors from the belt to wear. For instance, if I want to style this belt again I will go for a white button down top and a black or blue bottom and keep shoes black to mute the colors.
3. If you love bows like I do and choose to wear yours like I did, you can tie your bow in the back and add a gold brooch to your left or right side. Or you could have the brooch sit on top of the knot.
4. If you choose to tie your bow to the front, be creative with it. You can tie a layered bow. How do I do that? Once a bow is tied, I repeat another loop which sits underneath the first bow. But make it look pretty.

Outfit’s Detail

H&M Dress
Limited Blouse
Paul Andrew Shoes

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Sade Lewis