“Eyes should show emotions, not your age.”  – Olay

Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is a miracle worker. At least for me. I am loving the eye treatment so much that I feel the need to share it with you all. As they say, sharing is caring.

Walking around with tired eyes is no fun. Sometimes when I look in the mirror in preparation for taking blog pictures, the condition of my eyes will determine if the picture is worth taking. My job requires staring at the computer for the most part of the day. By the time I am ready to go to bed, I am already physically and mentally exhausted from work coupled with family activities. These exhaustion could have a lasting negative effect on your eyes. To tackle this problem area, I needed an eye cream that is specifically created to deal with this. Then I bumped into Olay Eyes while reading a magazine. To be honest with you, I have never been a fan of Olay products. But there was something about the advert that grabbed my interest.

I have been using the Deep Hydrating Eye Gel (here) for the past two weeks now and have clearly seen a change in my eyes. Used day and night, my eyes have been less tired and more hydrated. I am very happy with this product.

Here two more eye products that are worth trying depending on your problem concerns. I also bought the brightening eye cream

Olay Eyes Brightening Eye Cream

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

Tip: Make sure you read the instruction on the side of the box before throwing it away. After cleansing, it instructs you to apply lightweight oils and serums to help make skin receptive to anti-aging ingredients. For this part, I use coconut oil to prep my face before applying the eye gel.