I met someone that specializes in Mary Kay products and she asked if I would like to have a facial. Normally, I would refuse the offer since I am not a fan of Mary Kay products but she was really nice and somewhat persistent so I accepted.

When I arrived for my session, she asked what problem area I would like to fix in order to be able to pick the right products for my face? I could not answer the question as fast as I should because I have never really focused on problem areas. I am getting older so wrinkle lines does not bother me. I have only cared about keeping a glowy skin. To keep my skin glowing, I look to products with focus on hydration.

As usual, I saw Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing and Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming in a magazine and thought to give both a try. I needed the Energizing version for day time and Calming version for bed time.

Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming With Aloe Leaf & Chamomile

Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti aging qualities. As a person with oily skin, the Olay Calming Mist is a great buy because it has no oils and keeps my skin moist without making it greasy. It is the perfect choice for night time to relax my skin from all the stress experienced during the day time and in preparation for the next morning. Chamomile is supposed to help with skin inflammation. This is not a problem area for me and I cannot even remember if I have ever had an inflamed skin. Though I still believe in its preventative benefits.

“To keep your completion hydrated from the inside so you can wake up with a healthy, naturally glowy skin every morning, drink chamomile tea before bed time.”

In addition to spraying this hydrating calming facial mist, I also drink chamomile tea before bed to give my skin an extra boost. If drinking chamomile tea promises lightened complexion and gives a glow that one so gladly desires, applying it topically to the skin will provide the same benefits.

Whether stepping out of the house to go to work or for a fun night out or just chilling in the house on a weekend, to start my day/night I need my skin looking and feeling energized. I want a reassurance when I take that last look in the mirror that my skin is ready and beautifully wired to take on the day/night. I have been able to achieve this with the Olay Energizing Mist. It helps continue the hydration effort of the nightly application of the Olay Calming Mist.

It is evident that air quality imposes some form of threat on skin barrier function and skin hydration. With Vitamin C being one of the main ingredient, the skin is shielded from visible impact of pollution thereby, significantly improving hydration.

“If you have a sensitive or oily skin, a skin care formula with bergamot may be just what you need to reveal more radiant skin.”        – Annmarie.com

This mist also boast of its Bergamot ingredient which promotes healthy and clear skin, help to balance oil production, and it is good for the mood. To make sure my skin is kept moist and energized, especially during the day, I now carry the Olay Energizing Mist around in my purse so I could use it whenever I feel like my skin needs an extra lift.

I love these products. The only issue I have is with the microfine size of the mist when sprayed on the face. You will probably find your self applying more than needed so keep the bottle closer to the face. So watch out for that.