“I am a ray of sunshine; very contagious too.”

I am about to embark on a new career journey on Monday. I am glad to have allowed myself to grow in wisdom and buckle up rather than dwell in the pain of yesterday. The pain that made it possible for me to find joy and borrow myself some sense in my darkest moments.

“Sorrow is better than laughter. For when a face is sad (deep in thought) the heart may be happy (because it is growing in wisdom).” Ecclesiastes, the Bible

The book of Ecclesiastes is full of wisdom .

These pictures represents exactly how I feel on the inside today knowing I will be stepping out of the old and into a new horizon in a few days. The outfit is a reflection of my mood. Pretty happy, comfortable, and sophisticated. The impact of the velvet belt (from Walmart) made a lot of difference. Texture, on point! As usual, that belt was an impromptu decision. I got dressed from head-to-toe but felt like I needed a thin belt to cinch my waist. Sounds familiar, right! My heart desired a thin and long leather black belt but I had none in a length that I wanted so I ran over to Walmart that Sunday morning. Found a 3-pack belt for $10 and bought it in XL to get the desired length. The pack consisted of the following color and texture: a black velvet, blush velvet and black leather. The velvet belt looked richer against the jacket so I went for that option but with Crystal, my daughter’s approval.

Although worn because I couldn’t be bothered with heels, the converse did turn the style dial towards a casual sophistication look which is usually what I go for. I need more converse in my life.

The velvet belt aesthetically

improved the look.

An added beauty!


Blazer – Banana Republic – old (options: here)

Turtleneck – Banana Republic (here)

Dress – 1.State – sold out at Nordstrom (found here on sale)

Belt by No Boundaries available at Walmart stores

Bamboo Bag – Eddie Parker sold out at Neiman Marcus for half off (options: here)

Shoes by Converse (here)