When shopping for a sneaker, the first two things I consider are whether it is cute and interesting enough to pair with any outfit, including ball gowns. I have no plans to run in them therefore, they must be comfortable enough to handle my 8-hour per day van-pool work life. Should in case I choose to make one or two of my 5-working days a sneaker day, I need to also be able to step in them without any discomfort. Very crucial! The red Nike Blazer Mid Sneaker I wore (here) made me fall in love with Nike, maybe Colin Kaepernick too. Then I could not resist owning this Air Force 1 Rebel XX High Top version I am wearing in this post (here). I so much love wearing the Nike brand especially the high top sneakers. To me, Nike makes the best fashion sneakers that are not just both practical and functional but truly stylish and affordable. The only downside to these sneakers is that they do look bulky and longer in length sometimes. I guess that is the price you pay for the cuteness.  

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