Not all of us will be hanging out with our significant other on Valentine’s Day in a fancy restaurant or anywhere outside the house. Even though it falls on a Friday, some of us will still have to go to work and return home tired. Going on a date is going to be the last thing on our minds.

As a matter of fact, since yesterday I have been having a toothache that only speaks Excederine Extra Strength’s language. The Motrin I took yesterday afternoon while at work had absolutely no effect. I had to cope with the pain till I arrived home later in the evening. My painful molar which was referred for extraction back in September last year finally made a consultation appointment for tomorrow. Dang, this level of procrastination! So someone in my current position does not have time to put on a pretty outfit and go somewhere to eat. With which mouth? I can barely chew the Almonds my co-worker gave me this yesterday.

Bottom line, some of us do have a date with our significant other but it will be well-spent in bed watching Netflix and unboxing that great gift I hope to receive and wouldn’t have to pretend I like this year. Yep, men have a way of buying those kinds of gifts. Ain’t nobody got time unboxing that. You’ve had a whole year to plan sir/ma. LOL!

There is still time to get that perfect V-day gift so I suggest you get what they’ll love for Valentine’s day ❤

SMC’s V-Day Picks