Working from home does not have to be boring. It is actually an opportunity to dress yourself as it pleases you. Wear the clothes you really would like to wear to work but couldn’t. Put on more makeup or less, depending on your prerogative. There is plenty of time to discover or sharpen your style or try something something new before the plug is pulled on working from home which I am hoping would not be soon.

My go to outfit for #WFH had been nothing but comfy and chic. Preferably flowy maxi dresses and mini dresses I could pair with lounge socks. Jeans every now and then. T-shirt is a must. I do not give looking sloppy a chance at all. For me, every day is dress up day. The most interesting part of it all is that I could wear all those clothing items that are deemed rude for work such as shorts and revealing necklines.

Here are 5 outfit ideas to improve your work-from-home wardrobe