Wearing: Hottie and Lord Blouse . Zara Shorts . Tamara Mellon Heels . Stella McCartney Bag . Jacquemus Bracelet

Supporting small businesses and brands, whether black owned or not had always been my thing. With the current situation that is going on in this country, the call for support or should I say for more support for black owned brands had been nothing short of impressive. But then I asked myself why it took George Floyd dying for us to really respond to the call. I remember the incident with H&M and the monkey shirt modeled by a black boy. There was an outcry and a call to boycott the store and support black owned businesses. Even though I do not have the facts but based on my own experience, I doubt if black folks boycotted H&M. I am glad we are taking this more seriously now. We really should support one another. While supporting one another, black owned brands should also work hard at producing quality goods that will make us come back for more.

In light of supporting black owned businesses, Hottie and Lord is a brand you should check out if you are looking for modern quality and stylish pieces. The brand provides flawless style at your spending sweet spot. I have worn a few items by the brand and I have to say I am impressed at their impeccable attention to detail. The brand’s quality standard rivals that of top designer brands.

If you are not sure where to start with your buying at Hottie and Lord, start with this floral bouquet print blouse. The detail on the cuff and the soft tie around the neck makes it the most beautiful and romantic piece you could add to your wardrobe. It is too gorgeous! Words cannot do justice to this piece. You’ve gotta buy it to understand the feeling. The best part of it all is that it pairs well with just about anything but I love it the most against this Zara leather shorts.