Wearing: C/MEO Collective dress. Nike sneakers . Stella McCartney bag . J.Crew socks, earrings

Be intentional in your effort to create a modern utilitarian aesthetic by choosing a smartly designed clothing piece that is created to make a statement. No need to make it boring. Turn the dial on your utility chic vibe by adding a rugged detail such as a combat boot or a studded belt. Even with its masculine undertone, utility dressing is very easy to wear and style. If you want to look cool with a little effort, consider pairing a boiler suit with a combat boot or you could complement the jumpsuit with ankle boots.

1. J.Crew top, 2. Salvatore Ferragamo earrings, 3. Linda Farrow X Attico sunglasses, 4. Alex Mill jumpsuit, 5. All Saints necklace, 6. Common Projects boots, 7. All Saints belt, 8. Marques’ Almeida top, 9. Joe’s jeans, 10. J.Crew shorts, 11. Sheridan Mia boots, 12. Tumi backpack, 13. Maybelline eyeliner