Tie-dye was said to be up-and-coming for Fall in 2018. Now it is up-and-coming for Fall this year. Whereas, my own tie-dye fabric which I have owned since my daughter, Crystal, was maybe four years old had been up-and-coming to be made into a beautiful garment since 2006. *Giggle* Well, if you are from West Africa, you know very well that ain’t nothing up-and-coming about wearing adire (the yoruba name for tie and dye). It’s a traditional wear from where I come from! Or maybe my opinion is just merely influenced by my love for adire. Not sure it ever went anywhere. Although this stance is debatable.

Images from Christian Dior

Almost every civilization has its own tie-dye variation.”


Late last night, I saw a Dior bag in a Nigerian movie “Your Excellency” on Netflix and wanted to check it out. So I visited the Dior’s website this morning but was taken aback by the blue and white tie-dye look below. The styling is so on point. I love the sporty-retro and definitely classy approach. Weird I mentioned retro but it really kinda is. As a Nigerian, I have always loved tie-dye clothing except in t-shirts and sweatpants. Even though the Dior skirt and jacket outfit is looking good to wear, I have also always been the one not to waste my money on buying ready-made anything tie-dye except on fabrics made by the locals in Nigeria which I can convert into a beautiful skirt or dress. Well, I guess it is time to pay a visit to my seamstress. This Dior outfit is looking really good but that price tag is one kind jor (jor is Yoruba for please).

Wearing tie-dye couldn’t be more gorgeous than this.

Dior’s tie-dye creations for its Pre-Fall 2020 collection are super gorgeous. Below are looks from the collection. According to the Maria Grazia Chiuri,

the Fall 2020 collection initiates an approach that’s daring in its simplicity: questioning the very meaning of fashion.”

Christian Dior’s website