Some beautiful lovers who were on the calendar to marry this year have obviously made up their mind to not let Coronavirus steal their chance at having a memorable moment. COVID-19 or not, for now these couples are tying the knots in simple and intimate yet elegant settings rather than the grand eye-popping event they initially wanted before the necessity for social distancing. After the knot had been tied, moving in is the next step. Well, that is supposed to be the next step but nowadays and the days that preceded nowadays…ummh

Anyway, one thing is for sure…Happily Ever After Starts at Home.

Every kitchen needs a gourmet knife block set (1) that are well made and very good looking enough as a stylish countertop accent. You might be the coffee drinker while the love of your life happens to be the tea lover. No matter the case, coffee mugs (3) are dearly needed for a hot drink to get your mornings started. Go get yourself a baking and cooling pan (2) because there will be lots of baking of something for two. Asparagus? Brownie? Chicken? A glam dinner with friends does not require a large crowd, a table set for four with the right flatware set (4) will give your table the sleek and modern look you’ve always wanted and that your couple guests would love. A whimsical decorative pillow (5) for the couch or the bed and hotel luxury towels to add elegance to the bathroom (6) are a must. Who does not have chore days? If you want to stop manually vacuuming, consider a robotic vacuum (7). Let me know how the vacuum works out for you.

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