It is always good to know that social media is not just about the negative as a lot of us had perceived it to be. There is so much to learn if you are paying attention. Few weeks ago, I received a “follow” request on Instagram from Malcolm “MJ” Harris, a financial services CEO & motivational success teacher. I checked him out and really love his messages. There was something he said that resonated with me because he spoke what I had always felt when it comes to helping to build a community. A brilliant guy that eventually got my attention to consider attending one of his seminars. Unfortunately, I had to unfollow him about a week later. I do not have time for people unfollowing me after they had got me to follow them back. Instagram pettiness you might call it but I could careless. I am just a person that values honesty that’s all. I will still attend his class regardless.

@mjharrisspeaks said…

“If you want to attract wealth to your community then you need to be the person to
do that because that is how wealth attracts a community; one person at a time. If you
want to truly help a community grow, support the businesses in that community. Don’t
just share Facebook articles around systemic issues that are hurting that community.
Go out there and support a business in that community. That is what you do if you want
to grow wealth. Don’t just sit at home complaining. Help other people build wealth. Wealth
building is an inside job. You do it from inside of yourself and you do it from within your
own community. It is your job to build wealth in your community if you see there is a need
to move wealth in your community and you have the ability to do it. We all do!”

Anyway you live, you learn, you shop.

Here are my coveted items for the month of July. I love slingback heels and this Gucci version seems to have my name written all over it.

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Sade Lewis